Warp Dash

Warp Dash is a game that looks great and has some real potential to be fun and addicting. Even the transitions between menus has some style and excitement. However, there are some serious drawbacks that hold this game back from being truly great.

The first big problem is that the game doesn’t keep the phone awake. If you don’t keep tapping the screen every so often, the device goes to sleep, kicking you out of the game, meaning you’ll have to sit through another round of long loading screens.

The other issue is the calibration. As you tilt to steer, it can be way too sensitive. It would be nice if there was a sensitivity level one could adjust.
Another issue I find is that the game is very top down, making it hard to see the play field. While I was racing along, it was difficult for me to see where the next triangle was that I needed to collect. I would highly suggest bringing the camera down a bit more and giving us a better view of the racing field.

Lastly, the music in the game has some quality issues. There are noticeable glitches, stops, and starts in the soundtrack. Even when turning down the graphics quality, the sound still just couldn’t keep up and kind of puttered along. The music is appropriate and energetic, but the quality needs some improvement.

Originally, I was going to give Warp Dash two stars, but in my last attempt to give it another shot (after going to sleep kicked me out several times and I stared at minutes of stalling loading screens), it froze up my entire system, requiring me to pull the battery, which is unforgivable. One star, but I hope the developer can fix these issues and make it worthy of 5.

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