Turntable.fmTurntable FM has been released for Android! For those of you unfamiliar with this app and site, it allows you to enter virtual rooms where you can either listen or DJ songs.  There are different genres for most rooms.  As songs are picked and played by the various DJ’s you can like or dislike the song.  The room as a whole votes it up or down.  It is a very cool social music experience that audio-junkies will be addicted to.

Turntable.FM LobbyTo signup for Turntable FM you will need to download the app and it will give you the option to use your Twitter or Facebook login to get in.  The system does post for you occasionally so be aware that your friends or followers will see notifications.  I had to go to the website on a computer to change my avatar.  The Android app does not allow that at this point.  In the website you can also upgrade your avatar if you have enough DJ points which are earned by the likes you get while you play songs as a DJ.

When you enter a room there are some rules of conduct that must be followed.  These rules are usually listed in the room details tab.  You can use the pull down with the room name on it to see if they have a related website and other information that is necessary.  Most of the time the complete set of rules (or a link to them) are posted there.  Some rooms have a bot that requires for you to send a chat message every so often to be sure you are still active.  Other rooms require that you like other DJ’s songs if you are one of the 4-5 DJ’s in the room.  Each room is different so be sure to check the rules first.

I had heard of people using Turntable FM through Facebook and wanted to try it but at the time it was by invitation only.  I didn’t know anyone with the access so I was forced to wait.  When I saw the  Android app was released I jumped on it.  I have to say it is extremely addictive!  I am a big 80’s music fan but I have had even more fun in the 70’s rooms.  I like to DJ. So I enter a room, say the  70’s experience, and if there is an open spot at the DJ table up at the top of the room I jump in.  The song currently playing is listed on the front of the table along with the artist.  The current DJ is highlighted.  You take turns playing songs one at a time.

You can help yourself out by queuing songs up.  I have roughly 10-15 songs ready to go at any time.  This way you won’t be caught with nothing if the DJ in front of you plays a similar song or artist.  I played Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine band in the 70’s room the other night and a new person in the room played it again 10 minutes later.  It hurt his score because the rest of us that had been in the room for a while and didn’t want to hear the song again.  He didn’t look back at the chat queue to see the last few songs played. If he had, having a large queue set up would make switching to a unique song easy and fast.

To pick songs you click the queue icon on the right side of your meter and then add songs.  You can search by title or artist.  Most of the time you are given multiple selections so be sure to try and get the right version and not one from a live album or incorrect cover.  Picking a song from the wrong genre can get you kicked from the stage.  Some rooms are more strict than others.   Finding a room with people that you like is helpful.  They may be more forgiving if you mess up.  As you first start out it takes some practice to get your groove so to speak.

Turntable.FM RoomAs the others in the room like your song their avatar’s head start to rock back and forth. The meter at the bottom of the screen goes up too.  If you play the wrong genre or pick the wrong version of the song it can also hurt your ratings.  One DJ played an instrumental version of a song and ended up leaving in shame!  It is not the way you want to leave the stage.

There is a chat feature to make it more social.  You will see the avatars have speech bubbles pop up with messages but the chat window is the best way to see all of the messages.  It is fun to see what others are saying about different songs.  I have learned some additional trivia about artists and songs in the chat window.  The chat window is also good because it posts which songs have been played as well as your rankings for each song.  When you are a DJ it is good to see how many votes up and down you are getting. You want to keep the fans happy.

Turntable FM is by far the most exciting social app I have played on Android. It runs exceptionally well on phones and other than changing my avatar, I have not needed to use the web version at all.  I prefer the Android version because I can listen to the songs while I am walking around doing other things. It is fun and exciting.  With Turntable FM you can be a DJ without having to worry about stage fright!

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