If you hope to one day be the next overnight sensation as an autotuned pop star, I have the app for you. Songify by Smule is an Android app that lets you talk into your phone and it produces the song version of your speech. For the rest of us, it is just a fun app to play with and laugh at yourself or friends.

When the app starts there is a large button that you tap to start recording. You will say something like “I love the Android Vibe and Troy king is the best” and it will turn your great words into the version of it. The app does a decent job of breaking up the words into lyrics. This is not really going to get you signed by Usher but it will produce a ton of laughs. Once the recording is done you can email it, text it or even make it your ringtone. Of course you can save it to your SD card as well.

The stock download of Songify has a few free tracks to use or you can buy more from the built in store. There are also a few free songs that you can get in the store that are not included with the original installation. Charging for the additional songs is one way the developer must make money for the app. That’s not a bad tradeoff for an app that you may only use occasionally. However, the one problem I had was in the other sections of the app where there were full screen pop up ads that ran within the app window. It was sort of strange. I could close those out but I would prefer regular in-app ads. There are some of those included too. Because of all of this, it makes the app feel like it is infested with SPAM.

Ad in SongifyThere is a Winning! section, where there are songs from the community that get posted if you share with Facebook or Twitter. I say this so that you can be careful what you say in the songs. I wish there was a better way to get your songs submitted there. You can remove the song but only after it is posted from what I can tell.

Overall, this is a great app just to play around with. However, because of all of the advertising, I think for me this will be a try it and delete it app. It is a shame considering how much fun this app could be. If the developer could go to the normal model of a small banner in the app for ads I would feel much better about recommending this app. If you are comfortable with the ads and want a fun music app then certainly try Songify today.

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