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Since the smash hit Draw Something was released, it seems that similar multiplayer turn based games have been popping up on the market. The new game SongPop Free by FreshPlanet looks like it has the potential to be another hit sensation.

SongPop is a game that you can play on Facebook as well as on your phone or tablet. You pick a category such as 80’s Collection, Today’s Hits, Classic Rock or Love Songs and are given clips of songs that you need to guess. The faster you guess the higher the score. You play a round and send it to an opponent. The opponents can be Facebook friends, random players or you can send it to someone’s email address. They play against you trying to beat your score. Then they pick a category and send the challenge back to you.

This is a fun game to play against your friends. Even playing in a category you may not know as well can be made easier by using the help button at the bottom of the screen. It instantly takes 2 of your choices away. I was able to beat my son by guessing the same artists he did but on the last song I used the help to eliminate some choices and select the right artist in less time. He was also able to beat me on some of my stronger categories by doing the same thing. Speed is key in this game.

As you play the game you can unlock more playlists. The free version is limited to just a few playlists at first. It doesn’t take very long to unlock more. The paid version is only $1.99 in the Play Store and might be worth buying if you want to find more categories from the start. The Play Store reviews seem to be generally positive and there are tens of thousands of downloads.

The notifications can be a little annoying and there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust those yet. We can hope that those are on the list of improvements soon to come. Overall, it is a great way to play games with friends that share your love of music. Download it from the Google Play Store.

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