Granny Smith

With Google celebrating 25 billion downloads, they have put some apps up for $0.25 each. One such app is Granny Smith by Mediocre. This is a physics game with fast action.

You are Granny Smith who is chasing down thieves that are stealing her apples. She chases them with her cane in hand and roller skates strapped to her feet. You not only race and jump, but you glide down wires with your cane and crash through buildings. For an older lady, Granny sure is spry!

The graphics in the game are very impressive. The crashes through buildings are fairly detailed and the vintage mode (black and white) replay of the game play is a nice addition. The backgrounds are colorful but don’t take away from the game play.

Normally physics games are frustrating to play because you are forced to overcompensate for poor game design. In Granny Smith, the physics aspect of the game play is easy to control and you feel that the physics are somewhat realistic.  We are talking about a thief chasing granny on roller skates after all!  The crashes that come as a result of a missed calculation during a spin are great but also quick. Granny recovers fast and puts you back in the action.

The game is easy to play because the controls are simple. There isn’t a large learning curve. You literally jump in and start the game. There are screen tips that come up to help you along. There is nothing more frustrating than games that have long drawn out instructions. For this type of game, the cane and jump buttons are really all you need.

There are coins that you are collecting and power ups throughout the game. There are alternate characters to use as well.  Granny Smith is a great game to waste a few minutes while you are waiting at a doctors office or for an appointment. Kids will love the game because of the cartoonish nature of the game. It is one of the few physics games that allows you to move fast. Most of the genre are more about the jumps and spins. With Granny Smith you can race down the hill and only make a few jumps. If you want to do more, the opportunities are certainly there.

Go grab the game while it is on sale. It is a fantastic app for a small price. Even non-gamers will probably enjoy the game for a few minutes here and there.

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