All the social media sites are changing things up in order to get more user interaction. Despite all their differences, they all tend to gravitate toward the same thing: suggested / popular posts. Also, more details and rumors on the future of HTC’s next flagship device, and we take a look at some new artificial intelligence technology designed specifically for mobile.

Google+ – What You Have Missed
YouTube Video Recommendation Notifications
Facebook Messenger Updates Spotted
Twitter’s New Algorithm
Any Rubin Dashcams
HTC One M10 Rumors
New AI Technology For Mobile Devices

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Troy Kng
Troy is an advanced Android user, podcaster, web developer, and musician. As the founder of King Web Design, when Troy isn't talking about Android, he is usually digging into a Wordpress or Joomla website. In his free time, Troy is also a jazz composer and saxophonist, and is currently learning the guitar.