Android N is in the works for the next major release of Android. Google is adding a ton of new cool and useful features that will take Android to the next level. Not only will Android perform even better, but it will be more secure and more options to customize your mobile computing experience. I’ve rounded up the features that I think will make your Android experience more exciting.

Amazon Echo Dot and Tap
HTC One A9 won’t hae Verizon support
Project Fi open with discount for Nexus 5X
March update fixes Nexus 5X bugs
Verizon order to pay $1.35 million

Android N Features:

Bundled notifications
Better battery / memory management
More restrictions on how apps “hook” in
Improved accessibility
Enhanced large text / talkback
Android For Work
Data Saver
Direct Boot
App restrictions to specific storage folders
Emergency Information
Notification shade
New Gesture: slight swipe
Single swipe toggles
Toggles customizable

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